About Us

Betsys online is an online fashion/tailoring shop for people who want to enhance their looks by exploring the African fashion world. Check out our catalogue of unique African fashion designs and accessories all made in Africa by Africans.

Betsys online has an affordable mix of unique vintage pieces and African designer originals. With a selection that ranges from classic basics to newer trends, you're bound to find something that fits your style and needs. Choose a style in the catalogue page, were we have collections of African designs.

Founded in 2006,we are located in Nigeria and Jamaica. Our wears comes directly from all parts of Africa mostly from Nigeria and Ghana. We produce all latest African clothings, accesories .

  • Our services includes:

  • Sale of Hand made African Clothing.
  • Sale of African Fabrics.
  • African Accessories.
  • African Style Wedding Planning.
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